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Celebrating our volunteers!

Updated: May 21, 2021

On Wednesday 19th May 2021, our volunteers were treated to a morning tea filled with friendly faces, engaging speakers and an acknowledgment video in recognition of National Volunteer Week.

Attendees were treated to an engaging, and at times, humorous presentation by key note speaker, Michael White from Aus IDentities. Attendees learned about the strengths and weakness that form their personalities and how this can impact our everyday relationships and ability to work with others.

Other speakers on the day included, Cara Doherty and Michele Crocker who are both RangeCare Volunteer Coordinators, Greg Mannion RangeCare's CEO and Lenore Simpson, Chair of the Board of Directors.

Left to right: Jess Garey (Marketing Officer), Cara Doherty (Volunteer Coordinator), Michael White (Key Note Speaker), and Michele Crocker (Volunteer Coordinator).

To view our video presentation acknowledging our volunteers, please click the video below.

Click here to find out how you too can become a RangeCare Volunteer.

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