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RangeCare has a strong reputation for delivering quality in-home, respite and social support services to residents of the Blackall Range and surrounding areas. But we can't do it alone.

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Careers at RangeCare

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Why Work For Us


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Careers at RangeCare

RangeCare’s strong reputation for delivering quality in-home, respite and social support services is because of its dedicated team of care support workers, nurses, drivers and domestic assistants who are kind, compassionate, and respectful.

Our network of support workers operates with the backing of a dedicated administrative team responsible for billing and invoicing, scheduling and rostering, client liaison and communication, information technology, and fleet and facility management.


Why Work for RangeCare

RangeCare staff live and breathe our values. Our values include:

  • TRUSTED: We are responsive and our clients have confidence in our systems and processes. We are open and honest about mistakes and errors so problems can be addressed and solutions can be found. We are sincere in all we do.

  • RELIABLE: We are aware of our clients’ and colleagues’ needs and we react appropriately in a timely manner. We are open to feedback and work collaboratively to address any issues that are raised. We listen.

  • COMMUNITY FIRST: We are aware of our responsibility to the community. We regularly work with members of the community and local businesses to ensure our services meet their needs and that the community have access to safe care.

  • RESILIENT: We adapt to change. We have positive attitudes about our work and are optimistic about the future. We always look for new and better ways of working so that we can be more productive and more efficient. 

  • SUPPORTIVE: We encourage our work colleagues and clients. We show kindness and empathy for the challenges and struggles they face. We understand that people thrive in an environment where they feel heard.


These values have been built upon a foundation of strong leadership and a commitment to building strong relationships with our clients and their loved ones.

What our staff have to say about working for RangeCare​:

"All my family work in Aged Care and I said they should move over to RangeCare - they are the best people, they always comfort you, they make the schedule around you to help you, they are accommodating. They are so awesome!"

- Issy

"It’s as if I dropped into something I was meant to do all my life because I really love working with really good people."

- Stephanie


"RangeCare, the fact that it's a not-for-profit organisation was a big plus for me in choosing where I wanted to work. I think that whole approach and attitude influences the way that we do things."

- Chris

"The clients and community definitely come first in this organisation. We adhere to our values and everyone has a really ood work ethic."

- Julie

Why Work

Learn more about our Social Support Services

The team at RangeCare is here to help you navigate the wide range of in-home services and support programs we have available to our  local community. 

Support those that support your community. 


Your donation will help us go the extra mile in delivering kind, compassionate, and reliable in-home, respite, and social support services within our community.

What Our Clients Say...

It is more than three years since we joined Rangecare and I want to thank everyone who does something for us. The people who answer the phone and those who deliver meals and take us to Doctors etc. You treat us with dignity, with a happy smile on your faces. We appreciate everything you do for us. The Rangecare Family make life so much easier especially with us not having family close by. We look forward to hearing the doorbell and seeing you. You are here for us on good days and the bad days. We should tell you more often and not take you for granted. 
So a big THANK YOU to everyone from us both.

Ray & Shirley

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