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How It Works

The care sector in Australia is one of the best in the world; however it can be very confusing for people who are trying to explore their options. We’ve tried to make it a little easier…

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Under 65


Private Support


Useful Resources


Price Lists


Over 65

If you are over 65, you apply for government subsidies through My Aged Care. You can contact My Aged Care by phone or online to request an assessment by one of the My Aged Care team.

There are two types of assessments:

Commonwealth Home Support Program
"I have low-care needs and just need a little extra support in my home"
This assessment identifies the type and frequency of subsidised in-home and respite care services you are entitled to through the COMMONWEALTH HOME SUPPORT PROGRAM (CHSP).

  1. Apply for an assessment through My Aged Care

  2. A RAS assessor visits your home to determine the level of support you need

  3. The RAS assessor determines, often on-the-spot, the type of services that will be subsidised

  4. RAS forwards a referral to a funded organisation OR  the client is given a referral code to contact a service provider of their choice.

  5. RangeCare can deliver your service requests


  7. If you are waiting for funding availability, you may like to consider a private, fee-for-service arrangement.


Commonwealth Home Care Packages
"I need a more coordinated approach to my care"
This assessment identifies whether you are suitable for a HOME CARE PACKAGES and which level of package best suits your needs. People with a Home Care Package are assigned a dedicated case manager to oversee and manage their care.

  1. Apply for an assessment through My Aged Care

  2. An ACAT assessor visits your home to determine the level of support you need

  3. A home care package is approved (levels 1-4)

  4. You are placed on the national wait list while you wait to be assigned a package

  5. Once a package has been assigned by My Aged Care, the client can choose a service provider


  7. While waiting for your package to be assigned, you may like to consider taking advantage of RangeCare’s private, fee-for-service options.

Over 65

Under 65

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Under 65

RangeCare is a registered provider and delivers support or a product to a participant of the NDIS. Registered providers of support have met requirements regarding qualifications, approvals, experience and capacity for the approved supports.


RangeCare is currently a registered provider of:

  • Community Nursing Care

  • Household Tasks

  • Innovative Community Participation 

  • Assist travel/transport.


​There are currently 3 ways to access support and services if you are under 65. This includes:

  1. You can apply for support through the Qld Community Support Scheme (QCSS) if you are under 65 (or under 50 years of age if you identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander). If eligible you can then say that you would like RangeCare to be your provider.

  2. You can apply for the Australian National Disability Insurance Scheme. The National Disability Insurance Scheme can provide eligible Australians under the age of 65 who have a permanent and significant disability with the reasonable and necessary supports they need to enjoy an ordinary life. Visit the official NDIS website for more information - If eligible you can then say that you would like Rangecare to be your provider.

  3. Another option is if you are under 65 years of age you can purchase Rangecare services privately. Click here to view RangeCare's private and price list.


The NDIS have published a price list which is a summary of NDIS price limits and the associated pricing arrangements. The price list is valid from 1 July each year and lasts for 12 months.


The cost of supports provided by RangeCare to NDIS participants is as per the NDIS Price Guide.


Private, Fee for Service Support

RangeCare's full suite of services can be offered by private arrangement. This means that if you would prefer to avoid government assessments, or if you need in-home care while you await the outcome of your government assessment, you can still take advantage of our quality in-home and respite care services…no waiting required.


Private, fee-for-service support is available to anyone in the community, including people who are:

  • undergoing medical treatment and during recovery

  • adjusting to a new way of living as a result of injury or surgery

  • requiring assistance after childbirth or other significant life event.


To ensure that we can provide you with the best possible care, we will always commence with a comprehensive care assessment so that we can fully understand your care needs. This will also help us to best match a support worker to your personal circumstances.

Click here to view our Private Services Price List


Useful Resources

The Australian Government’s My Aged Care phone line and website can give you information and help you access aged care services to support you.

Call: 1800 200 422 

Mon-Fri 8.00am to 8.00pm

Sat 10.00am to 2.00pm


Commonwealth Home Support Program


Commonwealth Home Care Packages

NDIS Website

NDIS Eligibility Information

NDIS Price Guides

National Disability Insurance Scheme

Queensland Community Support Scheme (QCSS)

Contact the QCSS Access Point on 1800 600 300 or 


Online client registration

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Our Price Lists

Over 65 

If you are over 65 years of age, you may be eligible to receive government subsidies to help you pay for in-home, respite and social support services.

​You can receive support through the Commonwealth Home Support Program or by being assigned a Home Care Package.

Click here to view our Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) Price List


Click here to view our Home Care Packages Price List.

Under 65

​RangeCare is a registered provider and delivers a support or a product to a participant of the NDIS. Registered providers of supports have met requirements regarding qualifications, approvals, experience and capacity for the approved supports.

Click here to view our Queensland Community Support Scheme (QCSS) and Queensland Community Care (QCC) Price List.

Private Services

​If you want to avoid government assessments, or you need immediate support in your home, RangeCare's private, fee-for-service support may be for you.

Click here to view our Fee-for-service Price List.

Price Lists

Learn more about our Support Services

The team at RangeCare is here to help you navigate the wide range of in-home services and support programs we have available to our  local community. 

Support those that support your community. 


Your donation will help us go the extra mile in delivering kind, compassionate, and reliable in-home, respite, and social support services within our community.

What Our Clients Say...

It is more than three years since we joined Rangecare and I want to thank everyone who does something for us. The people who answer the phone and those who deliver meals and take us to Doctors etc. You treat us with dignity, with a happy smile on your faces. We appreciate everything you do for us. The Rangecare Family make life so much easier especially with us not having family close by. We look forward to hearing the doorbell and seeing you. You are here for us on good days and the bad days. We should tell you more often and not take you for granted. 
So a big THANK YOU to everyone from us both.

Ray & Shirley

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