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Technology Support

Do you need help with your printer, Wifi, tablet, computer or device?

RangeCare is supporting clients by offering a wide range of technical support services. 

Elderly couple

Technology Support

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Virtual Reality Program


Apple Watch Program


Technology Support

RangeCare are now providing technical support services to all clients. 

Our technical support team can help you:

  • Set up and troubleshooting your WiFi

  • Set up and troubleshooting your printer, smart TV, tablet, computer and other devices

  • Install software & Apps on your devices including online banking

  • Install and assist in connectivity apps such as Facebook, Zoom and more.

Technology Support
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Virtual Reality Program

Join other RangeCare clients in participating in a NEW Virtual Reality Program.

Our virtual reality program can provide a variety of guided experiences including:

  • Deep diving in the ocean

  • Visiting your home town

  • Exploring museums

  • Traveling to new and exciting countries

  • Attending a live concert, and so much more!

Clients who have participated in the program have experienced positive happy memory recalls.


Steen has been using the program to attend virtual concerts.


"The technology behind it all you cannot comprehend it. Most people would find it fascinating" - Steen

Virtual Reality

Apple Watch Assistance

RangeCare’s Technical Support Officers have been trained by Apple to support Apple products including iPads, iPhones and Apple Watches. If you are considering investing in these Apple products our Technical Support Officers can assist you in recommending products and helping you set them up. An Apple Watch is a proven alternative to personal alarms and were found to be very useful in a recent test program conducted with RangeCare clients.

Apple Watch

Learn more about our Technology Support Services

The team at RangeCare is here to help you navigate the wide range of in-home services and support programs we have available to our local community. 

Support those that support your community. 


Your donation will help us go the extra mile in delivering kind, compassionate, and reliable in-home, respite, and social support services within our community.

What Our Clients Say...

It is more than three years since we joined Rangecare and I want to thank everyone who does something for us. The people who answer the phone and those who deliver meals and take us to Doctors etc. You treat us with dignity, with a happy smile on your faces. We appreciate everything you do for us. The Rangecare Family make life so much easier especially with us not having family close by. We look forward to hearing the doorbell and seeing you. You are here for us on good days and the bad days. We should tell you more often and not take you for granted. 
So a big THANK YOU to everyone from us both.

Ray & Shirley

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