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Volunteer Profile- Daphne

Daphne started volunteering with RangeCare in 1999. She is one of our longest serving volu

nteers – 21 years and counting! In her own life, she had benefited from the kindness of volunteers, and she wanted to be able to offer that kindness to others.

Daphne started as a Volunteer Driver, taking elderly clients to medical appointments all over the Sunshine Coast. She then assisted with bus trips, preparing food in the Cottage Kitchen and doing laundry. 21 years on, Daphne is still with us and supports our clients and staff in the Flaxton Cottage with our social support activities.

Daphne says the reason she continues to volunteer with RangeCare after so many years is;

“I enjoy the company and I love all the staff - they are such loving and caring people. The clients all love them. If I didn’t have the volunteer work I do, I’d be very lonely. I get so much back from volunteering, I really do. I get a feeling of satisfaction. I get more back than I give, honestly”

To find out more about our volunteer opportunities, click here

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