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Roley Sykes Head Shave Fundraiser -  Inspired by Linda Harrocks

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

RangeCare's beloved accountant is bravely undertaking treatment for Pancreatic Cancer. In true Linda Harrocks style, she is fighting this disease head-on.

In a touching tribute, our Financial Controller, Roley Sykes is pledging to shave his head and fundraise for the Pancare Foundation. Pancare Foundation is Australia’s not-for-profit pancreatic cancer organisation. Their purpose is to increase survival and provide support to people affected by pancreatic cancer and other upper gastrointestinal cancer.


· Make a donation through this secure platform—

· Share the fundraising link with your family, friends and on your social media accounts.

A limited number of locks of Roley’s hair will be available. These will be collectors’ items. They will be packed for posterity in self sealing plastic bags.

Corporate Funders who donate more than $100 and individuals who donate more than $20 will go into a draw for the opportunity to get one these.

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