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Recent Study Identifies Benefits of CircleTalk™ Program

Thanks to a recent study conducted in the US, the aged care industry now has access to an evidence-based study, performed in association with the CircleTalk™ organization, demonstrating an intervention that significantly improves the well-being of older adults in residential and community settings.

In this study conducted by Bonnie Ladaga, MA, PhD candidate from the University of Northern Colorado, one hundred and four CircleTalk™ participants met on a weekly basis for either eight or twelve weeks. They were led in guided discussions with changing themes from week to week. The discussions were presented in two possible modes of delivery: in-person groups or video calls (Zoom). The participants were asked to fill out an initial survey during the first group meeting, and then again, at the conclusion of the sessions.

The results point to the multifaceted benefits of sharing life experiences for aging adults in weekly group meetings. On average, the participants experienced:

  • a significant reduction in feelings of isolation; and

  • increased perception of well-being described as feeling a part of a community, feeling appreciated, having meaningful interactions with others, and feeling more energized.

About CircleTalk™

CircleTalk™ is a social engagement program designed to reduce perceptions of isolation and increase perceptions of well-being through a small-group, conversational model. CircleTalk™ was developed in 2011 to create a tool that would bring more meaning, purpose, and connection to the lives of older adults through its high-engagement conversation program. The unique CircleTalk™ curriculum and enthralling activities encourage self-reflection and personal storytelling, deepening a sense of belonging for participants. CircleTalk™ trains those working with the older adults (volunteers, caregivers, activity and residential life staff, etc.) to facilitate small groups to engage participants in lively and meaningful conversations.

To learn more about the CircleTalk™ Program sessions offered by RangeCare visit or call 07 5445 7044

The information above was provided by Deborah Skovron, CircleTalk™ Director/Creative Director

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