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Ludmila turns 90!

Ludmila is one of our long-term clients, and in January, we interviewed her and presented her with a certificate for this milestone birthday. Read on to learn a more about Ludmila's life coming from Serbia in the midst of war.

When were you born?

7th of January, 1931

Where were you born?

Novi Sad, Yugoslavia, which is now called Serbia.

What are some notable things that have happened in your life?

My mother died when I was 10 years old and she was 28. It was war, and the doctors didn't want to come to the village because they might get bombed. On 24 April 1951 when I was 20, my family I arrived in Australia. We were on the ocean for 30 days, and one day I said "Captain, please stop the boat! Didn't help. I was very seasick, there was a lot of big waves." Recently I had two strokes, and now speaking I can't do what I could do before. I'm just trying to manage, but I am lucky, I have lots of nice friends. When I came home from hospital they were bringing me ready cooked meals, or something to cook myself.

What did you do for work?

When I grew up I was learning to work in music theatre, but then we had to leave [Serbia]. When we came here, because I lived in Europe, I had learned Serbian, Hungarian, Russian, German, and eventually English. I became an interpreter for eight years. I enjoyed it and didn't consider it work, I felt guilty getting paid for it! I also handmade wedding invitations and did paintings. I loved painting orchids.

Do you have any kids?

I have a son, two granddaughters, and two great-grand kids.

Do you have any advice for a healthy life?

Cook and enjoy it.

A couple of the wedding invitations Ludmila made by hand (left), and one of her smaller paintings (right).

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