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Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Michelle Dowd is RangeCare's newest Human Resources Manager.

We decided to ask Michelle a couple of questions so that you too can get to know her.

About Michelle's time at RangeCare

How long have you worked with RangeCare?

Since September 2020

What is your job role?

HR Manager

How would you describe RangeCare?

Heart centred, genuine and committed to long term high quality service to the community.

What's the most inspiring part of your role?

Helping staff overcome barriers, insecurities and fears that prevent them from shining brightly. This is the best help to our clients- being our best version of ourselves.

What is your favourite memory from work?

The smiles from my colleagues when they share their joy of working with our clients. Developing new ways to work more efficiently so we can provide a better more improved service.

A little about Michelle

What was your first paying job?

Babysitting. I got paid in pikelet - LOL.

What's a fun fact most people don't about you?

I love going to fancy dress parties, any excuse. Sign me up!

Do you speak more than one language?

My native tongue is English however I've been surrounded by my very Greek family and spent a lot of time in Greece. So I can pick up quite a bit of what people are saying. Love learning bits and pieces of languages and know a bit of French, Italian, German and Spanish as well.

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