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Have You Met Gary?

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Gary Holland is RangeCare's Operations Manager.

We decided to ask Gary a couple of questions so that you too can get to know him.

About Gary's time at RangeCare

How long have you worked at RangCare?

9 months

What is your job role?

Operations Manager

How would you describe RangeCare?

RangeCare is a boutique community care organisation that has been built by the community, for the community. It provides a diverse range of personalised and champagne services to our aged and disadvantaged community members.

What's the most inspiring part of your role?

The passion of the volunteers to support members of their community, and the appreciation they receive back from clients.

What's your favourite memory from work?

Getting to meet clients and learn about their story. Hearing positive feedback about the care they receive.

A little about Gary

What was your first paying job?


What's a fun fact most people don't about you?

I enjoy volunteering as an Event Director of the Brightwater Park Run.

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