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Fun fact - smiling increases intelligence!

You may have already heard that it has been neurologically proven that smiling can make you feel happier as our brain releases dopamine, endorphins and serotonin.

However, did you also know that it has also been neurologically proven that smiling can make your clients and co-workers 31% more intelligent? We can influence how quickly we resolve issues, come up with solutions as a team and how clearly another person is thinking.

Isopraxism is a fancy word for Mirroring. Chris Voss from Black Swan group states, “It’s another neurobehavior humans (and other animals) display in which we copy each other to comfort each other. It can be done with speech patterns, body language, vocabulary, tempo, and tone of voice. It’s generally an unconscious behaviour—we are rarely aware of it when it’s happening—but it’s a sign that people are bonding, in sync,

and establishing the kind of rapport that leads to trust.”

Incredibly, our brain does the very same thing! By smiling at another, we can assist them to move from their ‘flight or fight’ and survival brain to accessing higher brain faculties.

At RangeCare we are all about Community First as one of our key values and that means that we continue to encourage a positive mindset and culture. Therefore we encourage a playful, heart centred attitude – that includes smiling.

Whoever thought smiling could be so powerful in changing our community?

Written by our Human Resources Manager, Michelle Dowd.

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