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5 Reasons why you should become a volunteer TODAY!

Have you considered volunteering but are unsure about where to begin? Are you worried that you may not be the right candidate for a volunteer position or hesitant to sign up because you do not think your time will make a difference? We have given you 5 reasons why you should become a volunteer TODAY!

1. Contribute to a cause that you believe in

Have you ever wondered if that gold coin that you donated into the local fundraising bucket actually made a difference? Volunteering will provide an opportunity for you to see how your donated time can make a difference. Volunteer hours are an essential part of the longevity and success of not-for-profit businesses. RangeCare relies on the ongoing support and dedication of volunteers in the delivery of both ad-hoc and long term projects. Between the periods of 2018-2019, voluntary hours provided to RangeCare exceeded the financial amount of $500,000.

2. Connect with the community

Volunteering within your local area can provide an opportunity for you to connect directly with others in your community. Volunteering can allow for direct face-to-face opportunities to build strong relationships and experience a sense of belonging.

RangeCare has a strong approach to community engagement. This community focus allows RangeCare volunteers not only to assist with projects but also provides an opportunity for them to become an integral part of the community and the organisation.

RangeCare also holds quarterly community engagement meetings both on the Range and in Nambour. Volunteer positions on this committee are currently being recruited. For more information please email Jess at

3. Put your skills to good use

Volunteer opportunities are a great way to put your skillets to productive use. Whether you contribute one day a week or a couple of hours a month, not-for-profits are sincerely grateful to be able to access the broad and diverse skills of volunteers. Voluntary positions can also create opportunities for volunteers to upskill - this is great for your resume!

4. Find a purpose

As a volunteer, having meaningful interactions with people from all walks of life may ignite a passion for change from within. This could benefit not only yourself, but also your community. Use your insights and knowledge to become inspired and ignite a desire to make changes that benefit others directly. For some volunteers, this may even lead to new career pathways or life choices.

5. It is great for your health

Forming social connections is an essential part of maintaining good mental health. Volunteering opportunities at RangeCare, such as driving people to medical appointments, assisting at social support groups and delivering meals on wheels allow opportunities to come face-to-face with other people from within your community. It is also a great opportunity to build positive self-esteem through making a difference.

So why not take the plunge today and sign up to become a volunteer! To become a volunteer at RangeCare or Nambour & District care, simply complete an online volunteer expression of interest form

If you would like to discuss the voluntary opportunities at RangeCare please contact the volunteer coordinator, Cara Doherty on 5445 7044 or email her at

If you would like to discuss the voluntary opportunities at Nambour & District Care please contact the volunteer coordinator, Michele Crocker on 5441 4441 or email her at

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