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Here is why RangeCare should be YOUR preferred aged care service provider

RangeCare has been supporting people along the range for more than 30 years. To date, RangeCare employs 160 staff and has 180, generous volunteers. RangeCare are has an active presence within the community and with organisational values including; resilience, responsive, supportive and trusted, you can quickly see why. Range Care takes a living and breathing, client focused approach to everything they touch.

We took the hard work out of your research and have created a list of reasons why you should choose RangeCare as your preferred aged care service provider, today!

  • RangeCare has a received long standing community support along the range and is accessed by clients beyond the Sunshine Coast Hinterland border

  • RangeCare goes above and beyond to ensure regular, consistent staff are scheduled for in-home care to allow clients and staff to build long-lasting relationships

  • Service hours provided are generous compared to other aged care service providers

  • Local offices are available to access for clients including in locations such as Maleny, Flaxton and Nambour

  • Staff at Range Care are mature and stable

  • All external contractors used by RangeCare have their own public liability insurance, current National Criminal History Record Checks, and relevant qualifications for the services they provide

  • Staff will develop your personal care package and ensure a regular review occurs every 12 months to ensure that you receive the care that you need

  • Staff will coordinate your services and team members such as care workers, domestic assistants, nurses, and Allied Health staff to meet your ongoing needs

  • RangeCare staff will establish, plan, monitor and provide on-going management of your Home Care Package. This includes in-home assessment, case management, service scheduling and a regular, annual review of your services

  • RangeCare ensure competitive pricing as well as a high standard of service quality

  • RangeCare offers a variety of local wellness and social support programs for clients. Click here to view the latest wellness program, Buff Bones Pilates.

If you would like to discuss your in-home service care options or how RangeCare can support you please email at or call us on 07 5445 7044

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