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Explore the world from the comfort of your home.


RangeCare is entertaining clients by offering a NEW virtual reality service. 

Virtual Reality Service

Join other RangeCare clients in participating in a NEW Virtual Reality Program.


Our virtual reality program can provide a variety of guided experiences including:

  • Deep diving in the ocean

  • Visiting your home town

  • Exploring museums

  • Traveling to new and exciting countries

  • Attending a live concert, and so much more!


Clients who have participated in the program have experienced positive happy memory recalls. 90-year-old RangeCare client Ludmilla has been using the virtual reality program to visit her hometown in Serbia.


"When I saw the house that I lived in Serbia, for two weeks I felt back there and it felt good" - Ludmilla 


Another client, Steen has been using the program to attend virtual concerts.


"The technology behind it all you cannot comprehend it. Most people would find it fascinating" - Steen

If you are a client and are interesting in this service please give us a call on 07 5445 7044.