If you want to avoid government assessments, or you need immediate support in your home, RangeCare's private,
fee-for-service support may be for you.

Private, fee-for-service support


RangeCare's full suite of services can be offered by private arrangement. This means that if you would prefer to avoid government assessments, or if you need in-home care while you await the outcome of your government assessment, you can still take advantage of our quality in-home and respite care services…no waiting required.


Private, fee-for-service support is available to anyone in the community, including people who are:

  • undergoing medical treatment and during recovery

  • adjusting to a new way of living as a result of injury or surgery

  • requiring assistance after childbirth or other significant life event.


To ensure that we can provide you with the best possible care, we will always commence with a comprehensive care assessment so that we can fully understand your care needs. This will also help us to best match a support worker to your personal circumstances.

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