Loan an iPad with internet through us!

Equipment loans are available for free to all clients for a 3 month period to help you

stay connected and remain independent.
Tuition in the use of the iPad is also provided free of charge to our clients.
Please contact your local office for more information or to organise a loan of an iPad.

If you need assistance from our Technical Services Support Team, please call 07 5445 7044


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Find out how this service has helped our clients in their own words
Neta's experience with the iPad service
91 year old Neta enthusiastically signed up to the iPad loan service when she received a flyer detailing this service in the mail.
Neta has ongoing eye problems and wanted to use an iPad to rediscover her love of reading in the hopes of rejoining her local book club.

"I am so so grateful that I didn't hesitate and put my hand up and tried it"

- Neta

Steen's experience with the iPad service
Steen is in his mid 70's and had an aversion to technology. As councils, banks and many other services started moving online, Steen felt it was time that he took the leap and embraced technology. 

"I was one of those people, some years ago, I said I am never going to have a computer, I'm never going to have a phone. That's really crazy!"

- Steen

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Are you wanting to use technology but do not have any equipment?


RangeCare is supporting clients by offering an iPad with Wifi loan service.