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Your independence is important. We’re here to help you keep it.

RangeCare is a local not-for-profit service provider committed to helping you live your best life.

RangeCare works in partnership with a wide range of local allied health professionals to support you with addressing issues impacting your health and wellbeing. Our team of allied health professionals focus on increasing your independence, mobility and overall quality of life.


Allied health services focus on:

  • Improving your environment
    Assessing your need for mobility aids and equipment such as wheelchairs, as well as home modifications.

  • Improving your health and lifestyle
    Developing strategies for pain management and symptom control, as well as diabetes and weight management.

  • Improving your ability to cope during difficult times
    Equipping you with the skills to manage stress, anxiety and depression.


Our partners


To deliver the best outcomes for our clients, we work in partnership with:

  • Podiatrists
    Diagnosing, treating, preventing and managing conditions and injuries associated with the foot, ankle and lower limb.

  • Physiotherapists
    Repairing damage, reducing pain and stiffness, and increasing mobility through education, treatment and support.

  • Occupational therapists
    Educating and advising people on mobility aids and/or home modifications to support their independence.

  • Speech therapists
    Supporting people who have difficulty communicating due to developmental delays, stroke, brain injuries, learning or intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, dementia or hearing loss, as well as people who experience difficulties swallowing food and drinking safely.

  • Dieticians
    Educating and advising on food choices and meal planning to support people to best manage their health.

  • Counsellors
    Supporting people during major life events and equipping them with strategies to cope during significant transitions in life and with end-of-life support.

The cost


The cost of your allied health services will be determined by your eligibility for the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) or a Home Care Package (HCP). In some cases, you may be asked to make a co-payment. In others, you may not need to pay anything at all.


If you’re not eligible for CHSP or a HCP, you can still access allied health services through Medicare, the Department of Veterans' Affairs, or through a privately-funded arrangement.