Choosing happy

March 11, 2019

It seems that the older we get, the happier we become.  And that’s good news, because the research is clear: happiness offers enormous benefits to our wellbeing. More and more studies are linking happiness and good health. Specifically, research has revealed that choosing happy

  • protects your heart

  • strengthens your immune system

  • combats stress

  • reduces the number of aches and pains

  • lengthens our lives.


With all this good news, it makes sense to adopt habits that science says contributes to a happier (and healthier) you.  But being happy isn’t always easy.  Here are a few habits you can incorporate into your life to help you be more happy:



  • Smile more

  • Freely compliment others

  • Exercise, even if it’s just a short walk

  • Prioritise sleep

  • Be grateful for the little (and big!) things

  • Show kindness wherever possible

  • Breathe deeply and consciously



  • Declutter to feel less overwhelmed and more in control

  • See friends so you can share a laugh and feel connected

  • Plan your week by listing tasks you want to achieve so you have a sense of achievement when completed

  • Switch off from technology for a morning or afternoon



  • Give back to those around you and others in your community through things like volunteering 

  • Treat yourself to a coffee and cake or a trip to the movies


So what’s the happiest age?




Well, apparently 50 is the age at which worrying starts to decline, and 73 is the aged where we feel as happy as we did when we were 18.


What do you think?

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