The Australian Government’s My Aged Care phone line and website can give you information and help you access aged care services to support you.

Call: 1800 200 422 

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Read more about the Australian government's Home Care Packages at:

Commonwealth Home Care Packages

At RangeCare, every home care package client is assigned their own, dedicated coordinator. Their coordinator checks in with them regularly and works alongside them to ensure they are getting the best value from their package.


What are home care packages?

Home care packages are imaginary buckets of money that are assigned to people over 65 years of age who have been approved by My Aged Care to receive support to remain living independently in their home. Recipients of home care packages don’t actually receive the money in their own bank accounts; instead they have funds assigned to them and are able to access the funds through their care provider.

How can I apply for a home care package?

Anyone wanting to apply for a home care package must register with My Aged Care and be assessed by a My Aged Care ACAT assessor. My Aged Care is a federal government organisation.

What are the different home care package levels?


There are four levels of home care packages: level one, which is valued around $8,000 per annum, through to level four, which is valued around $50,000 per annum.  Recipients of home care packages can use their assigned funds to pay for things like in-home cleaning, mobility equipment such as wheelie walkers and recliner lift chairs, transport to and from medical appointments, day and overnight respite care, and nursing care.

Can I choose my provider?


People who have been assigned a home care package can choose their home care package provider. They can also change providers if they are unhappy with the service and support they are receiving.

Things to know about home care packages


You apply for a home care package through My Aged Care
My Aged Care is a government organisation that registers your need, schedules and conducts an ACAT assessment with you, and determines the level of home care package you can receive.


Being APPROVED FOR and being ASSIGNED a home care package are different things
If you are APPROVED for a home care package, you are placed on a national wait list for when funding becomes available. You will be ASSIGNED a package when funding becomes available.

You can chose your provider
Once you have been assigned a package – and accepted your package – you will be given your own personal referral code that you take to a provider of your choice. The provider will then use this referral code to access your assigned funds for your service delivery. If you are unhappy with your provider, you can also change providers; your assigned funds, or bucket of money, will move with you to your new provider. 

You decide how you want to best use your package funds
At RangeCare, you work alongside a dedicated home care package coordinator to plan the types of support you need to best maintain your independence and stay living in your home longer. You will receive monthly statements so you can see the services you have received and how much they are costing, as well as the balance of your packaged funds.

You can read more about home care packages by visiting the My Aged Care website:

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As your local, not-for-profit, home care package specialist, we keep our fees low while ensuring that we deliver personalised, dignified and respectful care to each and every client.