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RangeCare Friends is a group of community-minded individuals who are committed to supporting the work of RangeCare within our community.

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Tea on Flaxton

RangeCare Friends supports the vital work of RangeCare as it supports more than 1,300 locals. Friends contribute to RangeCare through an annual subscription, as well as participating in and contributing to events and activities.

RangeCare Friends' benefits

  • The opportunity to connect with like-minded people.

  • Free subscription to the RangeCare Friends' Bulletin.

  • Articles written by Friends on topics of common interest.

  • Priority access and discounts to talks, lectures, workshops and visits hosted by the Blackall Range Care Group and RangeCare Friends.

  • Discounts on publications or other merchandise produced by Blackall Range Care Group.

Friends' subscription (yearly / half yearly)

  • Individual   $30 / $15

  • Couple   $50 / $25

  • Family up to five   $65 / $33

  • Business   $90 / $45

  • NFP organisation   $65 / $33

  • Five-year individual   $150

  • Live-time individual   $500

Please be our friend  

To become a RangeCare Friend, simply call our office on 5445 7044 and we can register your details and arrange your subscription over the phone.

360-362 Flaxton Drive

Flaxton QLD 4560


 Tel: 07 5445 7044

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  • Facebook - Black Circle

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