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Our Gympie Day Respite Centre's History

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Our soon to be opened Gympie Day Respite Centre may be refurbished but there are hints of history throughout the building.

This wall paper found on one of the internal walls was installed back in 1969 after the first moon landing!

Some fun facts about the Apollo 11 moon landing:

  • The landing site that the Apollo 11 crew had chosen was an area called the Sea of Tranquillity, which looked smooth and safe for landing. This isn’t a sea as we know it. It’s a lunar mare – a large plain formed long ago by a volcanic eruption.

  • When Neil Armstrong landed the lunar module, there were only 30 seconds of fuel left.

  • While Neil Armstrong may have been the first man to set foot on the moon, Buzz Aldrin was the first man to go to the toilet there, using a special tube in his spacesuit!

Some fun facts about the moon:

  • Moon dirt smells

  • Astronauts trained for microgravity by walking sideways

  • Buzz Aldrin took holy communion on the moon


Our Gympie Day & Overnight Respite Centre will be opening up in a couple of weeks and we have been busy planning some exciting activities for our future clients who will attend the centre Monday to Friday. A hot meal and morning tea is also included as part of our Day Respite program.

If you are interested in receiving a RangeCare service in the Gympie region, please click here and complete an Expressions of Interest Form.

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