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Modifying your living spaces is sometimes necessary to enable you to continue living in your home. Modifications such as wheelchair ramps or grab rails offer elderly people and those with restricted mobility greater independence.


RangeCare can coordinate your home modifications to ensure that any changes are well considered into the future.


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Understanding home modifications


Home modifications involve making changes to a home’s layout and fixtures and fittings to enable an older person or someone with disability to safely move in and around their home. Modifications are made to support ongoing independence and to reduce the risk of injury.


Some examples of common home modifications include:

  • installing ramps and rails

  • widening doorways

  • altering bathrooms and kitchens (e.g. lowering bench heights)

  • relocating light switches and power points

  • installing emergency alarms and monitoring systems, or smart technology to control lighting and blinds.


Our partners


RangeCare works with a team of highly qualified and experienced licenced tradespeople to coordinate home modifications on behalf of its clients.  All our partners maintain a National Police Check which means that you can be assured of receiving a high-quality trusted service for you or your loved one.

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