Frequently asked questions

What type of services do you provide?

Wellness programs, Social support, Home Care Packages, In home haircuts, Meal delivery, Technology loans, Technical support, In home support, Community support, Allied health, Home and Garden, Home Modifications and Respite centre/ cares.

What is the after hours processes?

Clients that are needing to reschedule/ cancel or make changes to an upcoming service or on the day of service, clients can leave a voice message on our office phone and a staff member will be in contact with you the next business day.

Am I locked into a contract?

Our clients at RangeCare are NOT locked into any contracts.

What help can i get with my homecare package?

Wellness programs, Social support, Home Care packages, In home haircuts, Meal delivery, Technology loans, Technical support, In home support, Community Support, Allied health, Home and Garden, Home modifications and respite centre/ cares.

Who is the homecare package for?

Home care packages are assigned to people over 65 years of age who have been approved by My Aged Care to recieve support to remain living independently in their home.

Where is the Aged Care Assessment Team?

Nambour General Hospital. - Hospital Road, Nambour, QLD, 4560

Are the staff qualified?

Each supprot worker undergoes an extensive recruitment process to ensure that they are qualified, capable, trustworthy and reliable. Furthermore, all RangeCare employees are required to hold a National Police Check.

How do i pay my invoice?

Invoices can be paid over the phone by calling one of our friendly office staff or at one of our 3 offices. We accept cash, cheque or card payments.

Do I have to pay any fees for Home Modifications?

For Home Modifications, Clients pay for the material costs and Rangecare pay for the Labour costs.

Will I have regular workers?

Range Care aims to provide all clients with a regular worker. In a case that your regular worker is away or unable to attend a service, the scheduling team will notify you 24 hours before the service commences to provide you with the workers name.

How do I report feedback?

Feedback can be reported: In hand - At any RangeCare offices using the feedback box provided. In person - Ask one of our friendly staff during our visit to you. Email - feedback@brcg,org,au Post to - BO Box 140, Montville, LQD, 4560 Telephone - Call on of our friendly staff on 07 5445 7044 Website - and select Contact us/ feedback form

How quickly can you respond to an enquiry?

Range Care aims to respond to all enquires within 24 hours of recieving them

Where is RangeCare offices located?

Flaxton office: - 360-362 Flaxton Drive, Flaxton, Queensland 4560 Nambour Office: - 36 Doolan Street, Nambour, Queensland, 4560 Maleny office: - 17B Bean Street, Maleny, Queensland, 4552 (Behind Maleny Hospital)

If my needs change, What can I do?

Client or family can Call their local office and ask to speak with a Case Manager or Package Co-ordinator to discuss options & change of care needs.

Can i put my services on hold?

You can put your services on hold at anytime with Range Care. Please contact your case manager or Package Care Coordinator to action this request.

Can I reschedule my services?

Yes, we can not garentee the service will be at the same time as your regular service, however we will aim to suit your needs the best we can.

How much notice do i have to give to cancel my service?

Services can be cancelled at anytime leading up to the day and on the day of service. However, There will be a service fee if the service is cancelled within 2 hours of the commencement time.

What is the wait time for services to commence?

Wait times on services to commence depend on the demand of services within Range Care. To find out the estimated waitime, please contact RangeCare or My Aged Care for information.

How do I organise emergancy respite?

The carer can Register with Commonwealth Respite and Carelink which can provide emergency in home respite to relieve the carer should they take unwell/ need to urgently leave the home, this is 72 hours of support during a 12month period of government funding under the carers name.

What type of clients do you provide services too?

RangeCare provides services to Under 65 years, Over 65 years and to clients linked with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Can I recieve services on a Public Holdiday?

Range care provides all services to our clients on Public Holidays

What are the office hours?

All ofices are open Monday to Friday from 8.30am - 4.30pm. Closed on Public Holidays

What is the difference between the Home Care Package levels?

There are four different levels of Home Care Packages, depending on your case needs: Level 1: Basic assistance - Help with tasks such as cleaning, grooming, meals, shopping and transport. Usually one or two visits a week. Level 2: Low care needs - The same as level 1 but can have three or four visits a week. Level 3: Intermefiat care - More support at home, most days of the week. Can include visits from a care worker, nurse or medical staff. Level 4: High level care - For high level or complex needs, which can include daily visits.

Why choose RangeCare to provide services for my home care package?

At RangeCare, every home care package client is assigned their own, dedicated coordinator. This allows our clients to be contacted on a regular basis and work alongside them to ensure they are getting the best value from their package.

Do you charge administration fees and case management fees against government home care packages?

Yes - A combined total of 30% of the HCP funds each month.


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